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“It’s a miracle and I owe it all to Dr. DiGiorgi and his staff.” – Mohamed El Ouardighi

In late 2019 Mohamed found out the sac surrounding his heart was filling with blood making it hard to pump blood and breathe. He also had gone into a very fast irregular heart rhythm that needed immediate control.

Fortunately, the Shipley Cardiothoracic Center at Lee Health was standing by to provide world-class cardiac care – just as it does for 1,600 surgical cases each year.

Thanks to expert surgeon Dr. Paul DiGiorgi and the Shipley Team, just 6 months post-surgery Mohamed is able to take daily 7-mile bike rides and no longer relies on heart medications.

Your gift today stays right here in our community and ensures tomorrow will be there for hundreds of patients – just like Mohamed – treated by the Shipley Cardiothoracic Center each and every year.

Thank you for caring!

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