Every day, we witness acts of kindness, hope inspired, and healing made possible through the generosity of the Southwest Florida community. We are eager to share these stories with you and spread the good news.

American Sewing Movement for Homemade Masks for Frontline Heroes

April Cannon, who with her husband Rick financially support many charities including Golisano Children’s Hospital, felt she needed to do more to help protect healthcare workers during the coronavirus outbreak. “I was watching the news and saw that nurses would take anything, even a bandana, to try to stay safe,” she said. “I went to my sewing machine, thinking, I could do better.” Taking a sheet and some elastic she had from when she made children’s dresses for a store [...].

Parents should monitor impact of coronavirus on their children’s mental health, too

By Dr. Paul Simeone The stock market is in disarray. People are losing their jobs or having their hours cut. Supermarket inventory can’t keep up with panic buying. Retail stores and restaurants are limiting their operating hours or closing altogether. As adults, the coronavirus is introducing unwanted stresses in our lives. Imagine what COVID-19 is doing to our children. School closures also mean the cancelation of sports, clubs and after-school activities – all of the things that children enjoy. [...].

Message to Kids’ Minds Matter Supporters

The Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the way we live, work and play. Kids’ Minds Matter and Lee Health want you to know how much we appreciate your support and that we are committed to assisting children and families through this unprecedented time. We are continuing to see high risk patients in the office as deemed appropriate by the provider. Generally, that consists of patients that have severe depression or other conditions where other mediums are not appropriate. However, whenever possible, [...].

Donor Spotlight: Lucy Costa

Lucy Costa, Wally The Green Monster and Trevor Taulman at the 2019 Boston Red Sox Tee PartyAt a recent Lee Health Foundation event, Lucy Costa, owner of Promotional Incentives, Inc., a Boston Red Sox Golf Classic committee member and part of the Little Red Wagon Giving Society, won four tickets to SeaWorld and a hotel stay. Once she realized she was unable to use the package, she decided to donate it to a family at Golisano Children's Hospital. Lucy shared [...].