Supporting Pediatric Health Care in Southwest Florida

Golisano Children’s Hospital is frequently described as a second home to many children and families. However, it actually serves a massive and rapidly growing seven-county region. In fact, the 134-bed hospital treats more than 30,000 young patients per year. And those numbers are only expected to rise. Therefore, The Little Red Wagon Fund is greatly needed to continue providing the right care for Southwest Florida children with health care close to home.

Our vision is to provide world-class health care close to home.

– Armando Llechu, Chief Administrative Office at Golisano Children’s Hospital.

How Your Donation Will Help Children

Named America’s Most Beautiful Hospital, the new Golisano Children’s Hospital opened in 2017.

How Your Donation Will Help Children

Donations to the Little Red Wagon Fund are dedicated to advancing innovative programs, technologies and services at the children’s hospital. Located at HealthPark in Fort Myers, the children’s hospital also provides pediatric specialty clinics in Port Charlotte and Naples. Plus, innovative programs are integrating lifesaving health care into local schools and homes. The vision is to bring health care closer to every child in Southwest Florida.


What About Families Who Can’t Pay?

About 70% of patients are on Medicaid, which only covers about 80% of their costs. However, Golisano Children’s Hospital supports children regardless of their ability to pay. As a result, it’s not easy to add certain much-needed programs. The Little Red Wagon Fund has brought lifesaving programs such as these to life:

  • Pediatric urology services
  • Pediatric burn services
  • Dialysis services

By giving to Little Red Wagon Fund, you can help bring the rest of the pediatric specialties to Southwest Florida. You can ensure no child has to leave home for the care they need.

Why I Give: Baycross Christian Family Foundation

Why I Give_Baycross Christian Family Foundation

“At Baycross Christian Family Foundation, we’re especially passionate about Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida, and its efforts to fulfill a growing need for pediatric healthcare in our region. We see the impact this hospital is making within the lives of our children and families, and our goal with this special gift is to challenge our community to raise an additional $5M to support the Little Red Wagon Fund that provides hope and healing through strategic initiatives. We believe in the future of this children’s hospital, and feel blessed to be able to give back. Through our time with the leadership team of Golisano Children’s Hospital and Lee Health, we’ve seen a true passion for the community and an incredible drive to better serve patients through the development and expansion of its programs and services. Together, we can make a difference within our community. Join us as we bring greater medical services to our children today, and build innovative programs to better serve them into the future.” – Shahla Simpler, executive director, BCFF