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Barbara’s Friends Stories – Cali Trepkowski

On August 14, 2015, Dave Trepkowski’s world turned upside down when he heard the words no father should ever have to hear: Your daughter, Cali, has brain cancer. Six devastating words, and the fight to save his beautiful eight-year-old’s life began. Fortunately for Cali, the recovery rate at Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida surpasses the national average. Located in the heart of Fort Myers, the hospital is on a mission to deliver vital and lifesaving care for children [...].

Mental Health Mondays – “Using Aromatherapy for Upleveling Kids’ Mental Health”

View Upcoming Sessions "Using Aromatherapy for Upleveling Kids’ Mental Health" On Monday, August 31, Kari Davis, holistic life coach, essential oil educator and founder of The Well Team discussed "Using Aromatherapy for Upleveling Kids’ Mental Health”. View the Live Segment   What does holistic mean? It’s not weird, kooky, or unconventional. If someone is a holistic coach, it just means to think of the body as interconnected. Thinking holistically provides tools for mental, physical and emotional well-being, not just treating [...].

Barbara’s Friends Stories – Ashton Hoiles

“I never imagined our lives would change so quickly in just a few days.” One morning in April 2013, Meredith Hoiles’ 3-year-old son, Ashton, woke up crying with severe neck pain. Tylenol proved to be a temporary fix as Ashton’s health started to rapidly deteriorate over the next week. The once-cheerful boy became listless and pale. When an enlarged lymph node developed in his neck, Meredith assumed the worst. “My husband and I knew something was very wrong. After [...].

Barbara’s Friends Stories – Christina Soriero

Active high-school senior Christina Soriero kept up with the dance team, made straight As and loved to socialize with friends. But after months of a persistent cough, her world changed. First diagnosed with bronchitis and later pneumonia, Christina’s doctor recommended a CT scan and her life forever changed when it revealed stage 3 lymphoma. “I knew I had five seconds in this moment. Five seconds to decide whether I was going to make the best of this situation, or [...].

Barbara’s Friends Stories – Emma Garcia

When your child is fighting for their life, it can be overwhelming to juggle hospital stays, learn all the medical terminology, and manage the family throughout the ordeal. The Garcia family discovered this firsthand when four-year-old Emma received a diagnosis of acute lymphoblastic leukemia, which propelled them headfirst into the chaotic, confusing world of childhood cancer. Fortunately for the Garcia family, relief was just a drive away at Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida. Adjacent to HealthPark Medical Center [...].

Honoring Heroes on 9/11

Cal Bruno, owner and chef at Bruno’s of Brooklyn in downtown Fort Myers, lost his father to cancer. He chooses to honor him by supporting Clips for Cancer, a fundraiser for Barbara’s Friends - the Golisano Children’s Hospital cancer fund. “He was my best friend, mentor and role model,” Bruno said. “Helping these children is a perfect example of how we can honor our loved ones that deserve to be honored.” The event recognizes the struggle and fight that [...].

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