Celebrating a Year of Grateful Moments at Lee Health

Although the past year has been challenging in many ways, and unlike anything our community has experienced before, there have been so many moments for which we are truly grateful. And YOU are the reason. Ensuring we can continue to grow and meet people’s health care needs close to home, the generosity of our donors and volunteers means a great deal to the entire community. On behalf of the entire Lee Health staff, our volunteers and the people throughout Southwest Florida whom we have served, THANK YOU!

We’re Thankful for Every Gift in 2020

Charity care provided to families
Generous Donors
Donations from Lee Health employees
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Grassroots to Grateful: Lee Health Foundation Celebrates 25 Years

As Lee Health Foundation celebrates 25 years of philanthropic impact, we are mindful of all the grateful moments that brought us to today. What we do is made possible by what you give. Here’s to a quarter of a century of grateful moments… Thank you for ensuring our capacity to save lives grows every year.

Grateful Moments

2020 was certainly a memorable year. And while it’s come with its challenges and heartache, our team shares the blessings they’ve witnessed and moments they are grateful for, including those made possible by our generous donors and the healthcare heroes at Lee Health.

I am thankful for daily inspiration and motivation in the brave patients and their families I get to work with. As the Director of Barbara’s Friends, I find so much joy in my work to help children and families battling life-threatening blood disorders and cancer at such young ages. I am encouraged and motivated by the passionate leaders, doctors and nurses that are so dedicated to patient care and ensuring every child gets the care they need. I’m thankful for a great mentor and role model in the Founder of Barbara’s Friends, Frank Haskell, who at 91 years old is still driven, making calls, attending events when there were events and rallying for funds to support his daughter’s dream of helping children with cancer in SWFL. This year we celebrated 25 years of helping more than 10,000 children. Frank built a program alongside Dr. Salman that provides state of the art care close to home as only one of nine pediatric hematology and oncology centers in the state of Florida. I am thankful every day to work in an environment driven by philanthropy and community support and to be able to tell the stories of so many children who have won their battle over cancer. Every day is a blessing in my role, and it has helped me see that it truly is the small things, the helping hand, family, support and community that matter most. The smiles are why I am thankful for Barbara’s Friends and what 25 years of helping families has done to provide comfort and care close to home when it’s needed most. – Amy Frith, Director, Barbara’s Friends – Children’s Cancer Fund
Late the other night, I got another one of “the calls”. The calls have ranged from emergency situations, to connecting the caller to resources, discussing ways to make a community impact and more. It reminded me of how thankful I am to work with exceptional team members at Lee Health, caring people, who are committed to the well-being of every individual served. But, I am truly grateful to the amazing donors and volunteers who give back to our community health system to make the best quality care and resources available throughout Southwest Florida. I am blessed to work with a great team of leaders and volunteers who are constantly evolving to meet the needs of the community. The work we do collectively saves and changes lives for the better. For that, I am truly grateful. – Anne Frazier, Senior Director of Development

I am so thankful for my position with Lee Health Foundation and the opportunity to work with such great Children’s Miracle Network partners like Walmart. When I asked Walmart Neighborhood stores in Cape Coral if they could donate candy and small gift items for Golisano’s Reverse Trick or Treat Party, they said “YES! We would love to.” More than 100 gift bags were created with their generous donation, and our inpatient kiddos were so happy on Halloween day to get these festive treats. A few days before the party, Walmart neighborhood store called to ask “Do you need more candy? Are you sure you have enough?” How kind is our CMN partner Walmart? 28 Walmart stores in our 5-county area have raised more than $110,000 for Golisano Children’s Hospital this year. And they didn’t stop there, going above and beyond donating in-kind gifts for the children this season. I am so grateful to Walmart and thankful for my position to witness the good works of this community. – Toni Primeaux, Director of Development, Children’s Miracle Network, Golisano Children’s Hospital

I am grateful to work at Lee Health Foundation because it affords me the opportunity to share my talents and enjoy my passion to support diverse communities in Southwest Florida. This fall, I supported Amy Frith and various Barbara’s friends activities as a Spanish translator. It’s been so rewarding to meet the families and learn more about their personal journeys and to help – in a small way – share their stories with our local community. The picture is of me and Maria Gutierrez whose son was treated for leukemia at Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida. Maria was thrilled for her son Brandon to participate in Clips for Cancer – a virtual fundraiser that raises money to help children and families battling cancer in our community. She said this was the first time her family was asked to support the children’s hospital. She is deeply grateful for everyone who cared for her son and would do anything to support the hospital. Pure gratitude… truly heartwarming! – Stacy R. Crespo, Senior Director of Development

Dr. Emad Salman, Adyn Pickett, Credit GSL

Our Role in the Mission to Save Lives

Since 1995, we have worked with Lee Health and our community to enhance the quality of care in our region. Thanks to the generosity of our community, millions have been raised by thousands of individuals giving what they can, as well as those with the means for creating last legacies. Learn more about how your support helps our community and ways your gift from the heart can make an impact.