Jade-before-and-afterSometimes, life can take you by surprise – and it is not always easy. For the busy parents of four-year-old Jade Sabean and her four siblings, that’s exactly what happened.  

Over a span of six months, Jade’s parents noticed her health and energy levels declining. When the day came that she stopped eating and drinking completely, one terrifying weekend in Junethe Sabeans knew there was a serious problem at hand. That Monday, Jade went to the doctor and received bloodwork. By Friday, she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. 

A diagnosis as serious as childhood cancer impacts the entire family. There’s the stress that comes with juggling work schedules against the demands of intensive treatment, fear about what the future holds, concerns about the cost of treatment, and everything in between. The experienced team at Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida understands the diverse struggles that accompany this type of unexpected diagnosis and are prepared to offer life-changing care for the whole family. 

Located in the heart of Fort Myers, Golisano Children’s Hospital provides oncology and pediatric services close to home, so that families like the Sabeans can more easily balance the needs of the entire family alongside Jade’s much-needed healthcare.  

“The staff treated not only the patient, but the whole family. With five kids, that’s important,” said Jade’s mom, Becky. I am so glad to have had a hospital close by where the family could stay together and not be separated. Had Jade been far away, or only had one parent, no siblings, and had not been able to attend school when she was well enough, the battle would have been so much harder on our family of seven.” 

After two-and-a-half years in treatment, Jade’s cancer entered remission. Everyone worked with us and made sure all of our worries were answered. They saved our daughter,” said Becky. 

For the Sabean family, the support offered by Barbara’s Friends made a huge difference during the battle that no family should ever have to face alone. When you give to Barbara’s Friends, you aren’t donating to research. You are investing in lives,” Becky explained. “You are helping mold the future, one family and one donation at a time.” 

Today, Jade is in the fifth grade, and she loves to read. She is preparing to run cross country next year and already loves to play the drums. Jade has many dreams for her future, such as being a massage therapist, a pediatric physical therapist, a costume designer or a mascot. Who knows what wonderful future is in store for this bright young child? 

Jade will represent Barbara’s Friends at this year’s virtual Clips for Cancer event on Friday, Sept. 4. She is excited to shave the head of Dr. Jordan Taillon, M.D., a pulmonary and critical care specialist at Lee Health. “I’ve always wanted to help people,” explained Dr. Taillon.  

Help this charming duo reach their goal to raise support for Barbara’s Friends and help future patients like Jade. Donate and learn more by clicking here.