At the beginning of her senior year in high school, Christina Soriero developed a bad cough. After multiple visits to the doctor, she was told she had bronchitis. When the cough persisted, she was told she had pneumonia. Even when she was feeling sick, the four-year member of the dance line continued to dance and keep up her straight-A average. And then the diagnosis: Stage 3 Lymphoma.

“In that moment I knew I had five seconds to decide: was I going to make the best out of this situation or was I going to be devastated,” she said.

She chose to be positive, even as she was admitted every three weeks for five cycles of treatment for five days at a time. She used her positive outlook to help another patient with a similar diagnosis deal with losing her hair.

More than 7 months later, she finished her treatments and was declared cancer free. Now she is looking forward to college.

“After seeing what everyone at the hospital does, I want to do social work with pediatric oncology patients,” she said. “I feel like after coming out of it so fresh that would be something I’d really be able to do. I could relate to the kids.”

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