Donor Spotlight: Lucy CostaLucy Costa, Wally The Green Monster and Trevor Taulman at the 2019 Boston Red Sox Tee Party

At a recent Lee Health Foundation event, Lucy Costa, owner of Promotional Incentives, Inc., a Boston Red Sox Golf Classic committee member and part of the Little Red Wagon Giving Society, won four tickets to SeaWorld and a hotel stay. Once she realized she was unable to use the package, she decided to donate it to a family at Golisano Children’s Hospital. Lucy shared her experience with us below.

“Through Lee Health Foundation, we have had the privilege of helping to promote the development of the Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida for nearly 30 years. Professionally and personally, we’ve participated in a community-wide philanthropic endeavor supporting the hospital’s transition from a community asset to a world-renowned pediatric facility.

While there are many donors who have given way more than we have, one of the ways we have fun and help is by participating in fundraising events. Live and silent auctions engage donors in a meaningful way, by offering memorable products, trips or experiences, in a fun and exciting atmosphere.

There are, however, times when many of us lose track of the items we’ve ‘purchased,’ especially when it comes to expiration dates.

One of these packages we purchased came to mind as our family planned to convene in the Clearwater area. I got out the Busch Gardens certificate that included two tickets to the park and two-night stay at a nice hotel. Much to my chagrin, the expiration date for the theme park expired in two days!

Fortunately, my friend (who coincidentally has worked for Lee Health for over 30 years) was willing to take a day and play with me. We had a spontaneous fun day! And, I used the complimentary hotel stay when our family gathered in the Clearwater area. 

While I was at it, I thought, ‘I better check the SeaWorld package,’ which as it turned out also expired at the end of the month (note to self and others: put these dates in your calendar!).

Not wanting to waste such a wonderful opportunity with tickets for four to SeaWorld and a comp hotel night, I contacted Lauren Jordan at Golisano Children’s Hospital, who with her team, selected a family that would be able to enjoy the gift.

I cannot adequately describe the satisfaction of donating this purchase back and knowing that a mother whose life has been challenged with a sick child, would enjoy a mini getaway!

My reason for sharing this story is not to get credit for what we did, but to remind all supporters that it is always an option to donate back or ‘re-gift’ purchases made at fundraising auctions. Especially, if you realize they are not going to be utilized.

Most companies who donate auction items certainly have a charitable intent; however, they also hope it will encourage a new or current customer to enjoy their products or services.

When I explained to the hotel manager in Orlando how we planned to use their donation, the she jumped in to help make the whole happen and even overlooked the blackout dates. As an ironic twist, she herself was suffering from a terminal illness and vowed to make the family’s experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Truly, it was a Gift enjoyed by many. 

Respectfully submitted by,

Lucy Costa
Promotional Incentives, Inc.”

Thank you, Lucy, for your continued kindness, generosity and support of Lee Health!