Skip Leonard, Chief Foundation Officer

Phone: 239-343-6052

Jeff Muddell, System Director of Gift Planning

Phone: 239-343-6058

Ken Shoriak, System Director of Operations

Phone: 239-343-6053

Sue Robbins, Special Event Planner

Phone: 239-343-6057

Jade Bird, Development Associate II

Phone: 239-343-6075

Keith Callaghan, Sr. Director of Major Gifts

Phone: 239-343-6077

Kristen Cassera, Development Representative

Phone: 239-343-6950

Patti Chlipala, Director of Development

Phone: 239-343-6059

Anne Frazier, Major Gift Officer

Phone: 239-343-6071

Kathy Hagen, Development Representative

Phone: 239-343-6950

Duane Higgins, Director of Development

Phone: 239-343-6078

Shelley Hughes, Asst. to Foundation Board

Phone: 239-343-6151

Linda Kelly, Sr. Director of Major Gifts

Phone: 239-343-6064

Ali Levine, Special Event Planner

Phone: 239-343-6067

Katy Martinez, Director of Development

Phone: 239-343-6076

Nicki McTeague, Special Event Planner

Phone: 239-343-6106

Lynnae Messina, Assistant to the Chief Foundation Officer

Phone: 239-343-6060

Susan Mitchell, Director of Grants

Phone: 239-343-6068

Ashley Monge, Donor Information Specialist

Phone: 239-343-6074

Jason Powella, Development Associate II

Phone: 239-343-6065

Spring Rosen, Director of Donor Relations

Phone: 239-343-6054

Tiffany Whitaker, Sr. Director of Marketing

Phone: 239-343-6105

Mary Ramsay, Development Associate I

Phone: 239-343-6066